A Humble Heart (Page 74)

A Humble Heart (Hollywood Hearts #1)(74)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

“I was hoping to name one of them, Caleb.”

“I like it, Caleb Edward Pierce.” Dana said.

“What did you pick?” John asked, trying to keep Dana focused and awake.

“Tristan Edward Pierce,” Dana said. She leaned over and kissed the top of the baby’s head.

“I like it. Let’s name this one Tristan,” Edward said.

John looked at the baby’s tag. “Okay, baby number two is Tristan.”

Chapter 18

“Dana, take it easy,” Edward said as he walked into the nursery to find his wife reorganizing the babies’ diaper changing area, again.

“I’m just restocking. Your boys go through so many diapers,” she whispered.

“You’ll wake them up,” he said softly.

Dana looked over at the two sleeping babies. They were curled up next to each other. “They are so handsome,” she said in a mushy tone.

“Just like their father,” Edward said playfully.

“I can’t argue with that,” she said as he took her hand and led her out of the room. They walked into the kitchen hand in hand. Cole and Elizabeth sat patiently with Tyler waiting for dinner.

“Okay, guys, sit down,” Susan said. She was their full-time nanny they hired when the babies came home. Edward was surprised the woman had lasted this long. After two weeks of no sleep, Edward found himself falling asleep in the weirdest places, the desk, in front of the television, in the shower, outside in a lounge chair, on a couch at Rascal Productions when he was waiting for his meeting with Eric, in Eric’s office when Eric was talking to him, leaning over a carriage in the grocery store and on the floor with the twins, who thankfully were fraternal otherwise he would have been screwed on trying to figure out who was who.

Now eight weeks later he was sleeping better mostly because the women decided it made more sense to make him sleep. Dana was a champ. She was still up with the twins every night and took care of all four kids during the day and snuck into her office when she got a chance to write. He watched the kids whenever she needed a break or a nap.

“Dana, are you still on a diet?” Susan asked.

“Yes,” she groaned unhappily.

“Baby, you look perfect. You’ve lost all your pregnancy weight,” Edward pointed out.

She scowled at him. “No, I have four more pounds to go.”

Edward bit his lip to stop from laughing. “Uh, sweetie, I think the breast milk counts for that weight.” She stuck her tongue out at him and helped get the food on the table.

“Mommy, what’s a b*****d?” Elizabeth suddenly asked in an innocent tone.

Tyler choked on his water. Cole looked up from playing with his hands to watch the drama unfold. Dana stood shocked, holding two plates of food. Susan gasped and of course Edward started chuckling at Elizabeth’s innocent expression.

“Edward!” Dana gasped.

“Sorry.” He swallowed hard to keep the laughter at bay. Dana placed a plate in front of each child. “Sweetie, that’s a naughty word that we don’t use. Who said that word to you?”

“Mary, she said Tristan and Caleb were bastards. What does that mean? She said it like it was a really bad thing. Did they do something wrong?”

“Is Mary in your class?” Edward asked. All humor was long gone.

“Yes, Daddy. Her sister loves you. She said some mean things about Mommy though," she squished her face up, "I don’t like her very much.”

“What did she say about Mommy?” Cole asked. His eyes were already filling up with tears.

“Hore?” Elizabeth said as if she was unsure of the word or how to say it.

Edward’s hands were now clenched tightly into fists. They were turning white under the strain. “Elizabeth, isn’t Mary’s sister the adult aide for your class?”

“Yes, Daddy, she is,” Elizabeth said, nodding.

“Baby girl, I’m taking you to school tomorrow,” Edward said. He flashed a warning look to Dana not to interfere. No one was going to trash his wife to one of his children. It was a private school and he was paying more than enough to guarantee his children could go to school without having to worry about suffering the results of their fame.

This school was meant to give the kids a normal childhood. It was aimed at kids of actors and other famous celebrities. Everyone’s parents were either rich or famous. It was perfect for his kids so they wouldn’t have to worry about sticking out.

“Elizabeth, I want you to stay away from Mary and her sister for right now,” Dana said.

“That’s fine, Mommy. They’re really mean,” Elizabeth said. She began picking at the meatloaf that was on her plate. Cole already had a handful of mashed potatoes shoved in his mouth. There would be no waste when it came to Cole’s food. He would make sure every last scrap of food made its way into his mouth before moving onto whatever his sister left behind on her plate.

Dana grabbed two more plates of food. She placed one in front of Tyler, one of their live in bodyguards. Bret was their other live in security. He was currently off for the night. They were really great guys and got along with the kids. They helped out with chores and never complained once about Cole or Elizabeth’s demands to play with them. They shared the living area on the opposite side of the house with Susan. It was a part of the house Dana never found any use for. Now they had four bedrooms set up and the fifth set up as a living room to entertain their own guests or relax. The fourth bedroom was used by Bret’s son when he visited. It was the perfect set up.

When she placed Edward’s plate in front of him he pulled her down to press his lips to hers. “Thank you, sweetheart.”

“You’re welcome.” She kissed his forehead before she went to get drinks. Susan sat down with her own plate next to Cole. She already had a box of wipes on hand for the mess that was already making its way towards her.

“Mommy?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, baby girl?” Dana asked as she doused her meatloaf with ketchup. It was one of her favorite meals. She wished she wasn’t on this damn diet so she could have seconds.

“Did you remember to pick up the class snack for tomorrow?”

Dana sighed. “Elizabeth, did you forget to ask Mommy to pick up the snack for tomorrow?”

“Er…..maybe,” Elizabeth said, looking guilty.

Edward and Dana shared a look. Dana put down her fork and slowly made her way towards the door. Edward began to scarf down his food. Dana moved faster and was almost at the door.

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