A Humble Heart (Page 77)

A Humble Heart (Hollywood Hearts #1)(77)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

She looked up to find Caleb squirming in his arms. His eyes were fixed on her. “Sure.” She bared her other nipple. Edward walked over and gently placed his son in her other arm. Caleb was much gentler when he fed and she appreciated it. She didn’t think her ni**les would survive with two barracudas.

Edward sat on the floor next to her in case she needed him or one of the boys squirmed out of her arms. He turned the television on and relaxed against the chair. They avoided celebrity gossip shows at all costs since it only annoyed them.

“They’re out,” Dana said a half hour later.

Edward sat up and looked to see his sons sleepily nursing on Dana. He picked Tristan up and carried him to the nursery. Dana was behind him carrying Caleb. They changed the boys and placed them in the crib. They each had their own, but refused to sleep alone.

Without a word Edward walked past her towards their room. She followed after him to find him stripping out of his pants. He jumped onto the bed and lay back with his hands behind his head, waiting.

“You know this would have been more fun if you let it be a surprise,” Dana muttered, reaching into the bag.

Edward grinned hugely. “I like the baby pink one.”

She groaned. She would have to learn how to be sneakier or hide the computer before she left the house. Technology was great until it stole the last shred of dignity and privacy that remained after the fans and paparazzi took their share. She grabbed the pink teddy and left the bags on the floor near the bed expecting him to sneak a peek while she was in the bathroom.

Dana was suddenly nervous. It felt like her first time again. She jumped in the shower and cleaned up. Made sure her skin was smooth and did a little touch up here and there with Edward’s razor. She spritzed perfume on her body and pulled on the pink nightie he requested.

The surprise was ruined, but she could still make the night special. She would take her time appreciating his body, stretch out the foreplay until they were both begging for release. That would make up for her surprise being ruined.

She wondered how those people would feel if everything they did was posted on the internet for everyone to see. If nothing in their lives remained sacred anymore would they still do it? Probably, she thought sadly.

After making sure everything looked good she turned around and opened the door. She hadn’t expected to find Edward standing in the doorway. A large tent was formed in his boxers. He looked her body over hungrily. She felt the sudden urgency to take the nightie off before he ripped it to shreds.

“Come here,” he said quietly as he pulled her into his arms. He kissed her as his hands ran over the lace that covered her body. She gently pushed him into the bedroom.

“I missed you so much, baby,” he said, moving his lips from her mouth to make a trail of kisses down her neck. She ran her hands through his hair and moaned softly when he began kissing her br**sts through the lace.

“I missed you, too,” she moaned as he sucked on her ni**les.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed her nightie up. He kissed her thighs and flicked his tongue across her skin. A minute later he was licking her through the lace of her panties. She gasped and moaned as he rubbed his tongue against her harder.

“What do you want, sweetheart?” he asked huskily.

“Lick me.”

“You want me to lick you?” he asked, teasingly.

“Yes,” she moaned as he pulled her underwear down so he could kiss her. His tongue traced along her slit, making her cry out.

“You’re so f**king wet,” he groaned.

“I really missed you!” she stressed.

He continued his tongue assault on her until she gently yanked him by his hair to stand up. “What’s the matter you didn’t like that?”

She did, but she wanted more. She wanted to drive him crazy the way he was driving her.

“I want to suck you, baby,” she said, dropping to her knees.

She yanked his underwear off and kissed around the base for several minutes, teasing him. “Ah f**k, Dana, suck on it. You’re driving me crazy, you little tease.”

She giggled as she took him into his mouth. She moved her mouth once down the length and then allowed it to pop out of her mouth. “You know after two months of blowjobs one would think you’d grow tired of them.”

He shook his head frantically. “I could never get tired of your mouth on my dick…..oh f**k!” he said when her hand joined the party. “Please don’t make me come, baby. I need to be in you….now!” He pulled out the same time he dragged her to her feet. He kissed her as he ripped her nightie off. Damn, she liked that one, too.

Dana lay back on the bed with her legs spread for him. He kissed her deeply one more time between her legs before crawling up her body. She caressed his cheek. “Baby, please be gentle. Remember what the doctor said this is going to hurt for me.”

“I’ll be very gentle, I swear.” He lowered his mouth to hers and positioned himself. He pressed against her and pushed in slowly. It felt like she was being burned and ripped in two. She heard him exhale and felt him pause.

“You’re tighter. How did that happen? Oh, don’t move baby or I’m going to lose it!” He pushed in again.

“It hurts,” Dana mumbled as tears rolled down her cheek.

Edward kissed her. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m almost all the way in.”

Her mind began racing. It really felt like she was being sliced open inside. She became nervous when she pictured that happening. “Edward, you’re too damn big. You’re ripping me in two.”

He chuckled weakly before he could stop himself. “I never heard you complain before.”

“You’re a smug b*****d,” she said half-teasingly through the pain.

He moved the rest of the way in and stopped to give her a minute to get used to him. Her fingers were digging into his shoulders. “I’m going to start moving now,” he warned her as he gently pulled out and pushed back in.

She began to cry and sob. It broke his heart knowing that she was in so much pain. He pulled out. “We can’t do this. You need to see the doctor tomorrow, baby. Is this much pain normal?”

“Yes,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop it will get better.”

“I don’t know…um, did it hurt this much after Elizabeth was born?" He hated bringing up Jeff, especially when they were in bed. That a*s**le had no place in their bedroom, but he needed to know. “Baby, did it hurt this much after Elizabeth was born with Jeff?”

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